In the entire scope of visible light, there exists a mere 300 nanometers of identifiable color. It is within this microscopic continuum of hues that fifteen designers have learned to develop creative solutions and visually communicate. Though the talents of these individuals may overlap as orange does to red, their character and aesthetics could not be more distinct. They take their own approach to each creative problem, though the objective is the same. This pantone panorama of personalities is a testament to how the teachings of a few can be diversely executed by a spectrum of individuals.

SPECTRUM is a collective exhibit that displays how the talent and hard work of 15 designers can intermix to create an amplified whole.

Opening reception is April 29th from 7-9pm.

The show will be available from April 29th to May 3rd.

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Britnai has a vivacious spirit that makes it easy for her to get to know everyone she crosses paths with. Using colors that are as bold as her character and sporty attributes that stem from her intense athleticism, she stays on her game by coming up with the best way to turn concept into reality. You'll never catch this strong-willed creative sitting on the side lines because her keen eye is on the prize.

Hometown - North Richland Hills, Texas

Kaitlin utilizes strong sans serifs and has no fear of negative space in design. As the Art Director of Spectrum, she brings a modern style and charismatic personality to the table, often calling upon her own dry sense of humor to motivate others. Kaitlin's love of travel can only be paralleled by her affinity for packaging design, and her minimalist aesthetic is sure to get her noticed.

Hometown - Columbus, Ohio

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Blair is the epitome of a team player, bringing an enthusiastic and positive vibe to any situation she is a part of. Her knack for envisioning the perfect solution to every problem leads to only the finest outcome. She blends an edgy tone with polished execution, and the final product is invariably attention-grabbing. Blair's bubbly attitude makes her easy to talk to, whether it's about her fondness of elephants or her latest and greatest concoction of noteworthy ideas.

Hometown - Lumberton, Texas

Lauren's extroverted personality can only be beaten by her impeccable type sense, often employing hand-drawn typography and atypical solutions to create a design that is as bold as she is. This go-getter never backs down from a challenge, often leading her to a tactile approach through a variety of mediums. This vivacious movie buff uses her love of film, contagious laugh, and competitive nature to set her designs apart from the crowd.

Hometown - Austin, TX

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Emilee combines her European sensibility with a minimal approach to create modern designs that are striking. This budding chef has a goofy persona and go-with-the-flow nature that makes her fun to be around. Emilee employs eclectic photography and geometric shapes to develop work with an innovative edge. She's sure to keep you on your toes with a fresh sense of humor and contemporary solutions.

Hometown - Champaign, Illinois

Maggie's love for animals and the color green are just a couple of her quirky qualities. She is in her element when she is able to combine her impeccable crafting skills with unusual materials to push the limits of design, and the results are always spot on. This spontaneous designer always aims for the bullseye, drawing from her illustration talent to produce earthy and natural designs that always surpass expectation.

Hometown - San Antonio, Texas

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Tito is a stand-alone guy, both by nature and by circumstance. As the only male in his class, Tito is the ultimate definition of a lone ranger. He leaves his stamp of entrepreneurial charm on everything he can get his hands on, from innovative digital work to incredible interactive productions. When it comes to design, this extreme sport enthusiast believes that less is more, and his optimism carries him through every task with ease.

Hometown - Mexico City, Mexico

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Sofi is a kind-hearted soul who has an affinity for vintage design. She has a sweet disposition that translates effortlessly into fresh work that is girly and fun, and her obsession for all things DIY have made her a queen of print design. When Sofi's not pensively sipping on her favorite herbal tea, you can find this peppy designer refining her latest light-hearted work.

Hometown - The Woodlands, Texas

Kaitlin's endless passion for various social causes encourages her to create work that inspires action. This Photoshop guru is a master of textures, provoking awareness through her direct and articulate style. Her gift for professionally presenting concepts and big ideas is unmatched, due to her likable demeanor and aptitude for poignant details. Kaitlin is a thoughtful intellect who is driven to approach each creative problem carefully, dancing her way to the top one step at a time.

Hometown - Grapevine, Texas

Emmy, a jack-of-all-trades, fuses East coast style with a retro look to produce trend-setting designs. Though she may be soft spoken, this designer has an impeccable type sense and eye for refined creative solutions that speak for themselves. Though she's a Texan born and raised, Emmy's heart belongs to Paris. She is sure to succeed with her bilingual skills, creative problem solving, and contagious confidence.

Hometown - Houston, Texas

Kayla has an immaculate taste for organic patterns, bright colors, and good coffee. She isn't afraid to follow her own path, making sure to familiarize herself with the responsibility that has been set before her. Her work possesses an air of unmatched liveliness and humor that emulates her friendly and relatable mindset. Kayla's witty personality and love for organic, floral elements translate well into the essence of her creative calling.

Hometown - Conroe, Texas

Jasmine is always up for trying new things, and her adventurous nature pushes her artistry to the next level. Her soft spoken disposition is her secret weapon, enabling her to consistently absorb the most up-to-date knowledge and apply it to her inspiring interactive concepts. Her consideration for those around her as well as for all aspects of design result in creations that are just as sweet as she is.

Hometown - Dallas, Texas

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Meghan is the embodiment of all things sweet, from her clever creative directions all the way to her insatiable sweet tooth. This upbeat designer brings organic elements and novel illustrations together with ease through structure and careful consideration. Meghan is a wordsmith with a true talent for combining witty copy and creative solutions. Her positive spirit makes her approachable to everyone she meets.

Hometown - Fort Worth, Texas

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Lauren has a sophisticated sixth-sense for all things feminine and fashionable. This chic designer has a flair for the elegant, employing regal hues and graceful serifs for a solution that is as refined as she is. Lauren will captivate you with her playful personality and polished final designs, bringing charm to everything she touches. When she's not busy developing a new design, you can find this glamorous girl out on the dance floor.

Hometown - Scottsdale, Arizona

Bryn embodies a poised professionalism that gives her an advantage over her competition. Her meticulous approach to detail ensures that her ideas are executed with precision. Her matchless manipulation of multiple design elements generate fresh, eye-catching compositions that repeatedly exceed the objective set before her. With a can-do attitude like Bryn's, there is no such thing as impossible.

Hometown - The Woodlands, Texas

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